Rules revised May, 2000

            1.    The Worked All Nova Scotia Counties Award will begin
                 as of September 11, 1993.

          2.    The award will require an amateur radio operator to contact all
                 18 counties in the Province of Nova Scotia, and obtain QSL cards
                 verifying the contacts.

                 Stations making a “CLEAN SWEEP” in the NSARA CONTEST in March
                 of each year, will also qualify for the award WITHOUT submitting
                 QSL cards to prove the contacts.

          3.     The BASIC AWARD will be for MIXED Modes. HF bands only.
                  Basic Award numbering will begin at #1.
                  Endorsements will be available for: All CW, All Digital, and
                  All Phone.   Requests for endorsements must be indicated on

          4.     Application forms will be available through the NSARA at
                  Hamfests, Flea Markets, on the NSARA Web Page, or by sending
                  a request to the Awards Chairman, listed below.

          5.     There will be no fee for this award. Certificates and QSL cards
                  will be returned postage paid by the NSARA.

          6.     Certificates will be numbered on the basis of earliest
                  postmarked package received and also on NSARA Contest    Placement.

          7.     Actual QSL cards only, will be accepted. No fax or photocopies.

          8.     Contacts made beginning on September 11, 1993 and later will be

          9.     This award is intended for BASE STATION to BASE STATION
                  contacts.  Portable operations, i.e.: Summer Cottages, DXpeditions
                  to rare counties will be accepted, with the Awards Committee being
                  the final judge of validity of any such portable operations for
                  award credit. Mobile contacts will not be considered for this award.
                  Portable contact cards must clearly indicate the county of operation
                  if different from the operators’ home county.

          10.  All 18 QSL cards, accompanied by the official application form
                 can be sent to:

                 Mr Jim Hannon, VE1AFH, Awards Chairman
                 RR # 5,  Amherst, NS  B4H 3Y3

                 “Clean Sweep” entries in the NSARA Contest will automatically receive their Award Certificates.

          11.   The Awards Chairman will make the final decision on all matters
                  pertaining to this award.

                                                            *    *      *       *      *     *