Paul Gillis, VE1DPG First Vice President SARC,

135 West Street
North Sydney, NS
B2A 3H6

NSARA Director for theĀ Sydney Amateur Radio Club

The Sydney Amateur Radio Club operates five repeaters on Cape Breton Island:

VE1CR, Sydney 146.610 (-) ECHOLINK: VE1CR-R, NODE No. 104517

VE1HAM, Rear Boisedale 146.880 (-)

VE1CBI, Cape Smokey 147.240 (+)

VE1KIL, Kiltarlity (Margaree) 146.730 (-)

(The above 4 are linked via UHF.)

VE1HK, Sydney 146.940 (-) is stand- is stand-alone.

The Oban repeater VE1OBN, 147.105 (+) (also linked) near St. Peters, is operated by the NSARA.
To link to mainland: 196* Disconnect: 197*

SARC Executive;

President: Bill Appleton, VE1DM

First Vice President: Paul Gillis, VE1DPG

Second Vice President: Mike Butler, VE1CYO

Treasurer: Brian Timmons, VE1MBT

Secretary: George Ernst, VE1GV

Past President: Danny Randall, VE1RA