Queens County ARC

Shane McDougall VE1SMC
249 Windmill Rd Apt. 528
Dartmouth, N.S.
B3A 4P1

(902) 407-6009 Home
(902) 233-0985 iPhone


President: Brian Hatt VE1BEH
Vice President: Bill McKnight VE1WMC
Secretary: Joan Henderson VE1QCL
Treasurer: Barry Whynot VE1BAW


VE1 VO 147.300+ Great Hill Liverpool Mavcom 164* on 165* off
VE1KEJ 147.195+ Kedjimkujik National Park Mavcom 152* on 153* off, IRLP 2268
VE1 BBY 147.360+ Future Sight Granite Village Hwy 103 (May be hard linked to VE1VO)
VE1 QW 147.060+ Ground Search and Rescue Building Liverpool Autopatch 99* on # off
VE1 AVA 147.390+ Future Sight Queens Landfill off Hwy 8 near Greenfield