What is IRLP?   

    IRLP is a system designed by David Cameron VE7LTD that links radio systems
together using the internet as a communications backbone.

How does IRLP work?

    IRLP uses Voice-Over-IP software and the power of the Internet to link your
radio site to the world. 

    There are nodes in many areas of the world with more coming online regularly.

    There are currently 10 nodes in Nova Scotia.

Node # Callsign Location Frequency
2050 VE1NSG Halifax 146.940 –
2060 VE1WRC Amherst 147.285+
2064 VE1PS Beechville 147.585+ PL 82.5
2080 VE1WN Greenwood 147.240 +
2109 VE1BHS Sugarloaf 145.350-
2268 VE1KEJ Maitland Bridge 147.195+
2370 VE1HAR Truro 145.210 –
2435 VE1CR Sydney 147.570+
2952 VE1YAR Yarmouth 146.730 –
2507 VE1JCP Antigonish 146.550s PL 141.3
 9013  Discovery Reflector

    View a list of all active nodes at the IRLP Active Node Status Page
It refreshes every 5 minutes.

    For More Information on IRLP check out  David Cameron’s IRLP Site

    Please read the standard  Operating Procedures.